The IndoUSrare Corporate Alliance is composed of biopharmaceutical, medical device, and other companies in the life science industry that are involved in rare disease research and committed to collaboration between industry and patient communities to ensure equitable and affordable access of therapies to all patients with rare diseases globally. Membership in the Alliance demonstrates a commitment to the mission of IndoUSrare: to educate, empower, and advocate for patients with rare diseases in the United States, India, and globally by fostering collaboration and filling critical gaps towards accelerating diagnostics and therapies.

Membership Pillars

Corporate Alliance Members contribute time and resources to support our five pillars: 

  • Connect 
  • Collaborate
  • Educate 
  • Facilitate
  • Advocate
Membership Pillars

Membership Objectives

Member resources, support, and leadership will be deployed across a diverse range of activities ranging from R&D, education, policy, and advocacy with a focus on a key barrier to patient access to medicines and therapies – the lack of global diversity, equity, inclusion, and access to rare disease therapies for patients in India and other LMIC countries.

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