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Natyaswara 2020

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Our Mission

We are a group of juniors in high school who love music and want to use our talents to raise awareness for IndoUSrare!

Currently, there is a gap between the western and eastern hemispheres for diagnosing and treating rare diseases. Through the power of music, we hope to spread awareness and educate our community regarding the process for treating rare diseases, including Valosin Containing Protein disease, Multiple System Atrophy, Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, Rett Syndrome, Lysosomal Storage Disorder, Mitochondrial Enoyl CoA Reductase Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration, and Muscular dystrophy. Through our performance, we aim to inform the viewers about these rare diseases and help encourage the Indian diaspora around the world to become more involved in Clinical Trials, as, for many of them, it will be the closest they get to real treatment. Join us in raising money for IndoUSRare, as both of us strive to help build collaborative bridges between the United States and India.

Event Video

Donation LinksGo Fund Mehttps://gf.me/u/yi4pgx
Pay Pal: https://paypal.me/indousrare
Mail-In Address: 13687 Neil Armstrong Ave Herndon VA 20171 USA
For Wire Transfer contact: treasury@indousrare.org or info@indousrare.org 

The artists

More details at this link: